Man Camp

Man Camp


Helicopter on site

Faith Hill Lodge has housed many crews working in the Denali area.

  • We provide breakfast, lunch and dinner according to the needs of the crews.
  • We have 21 beds; of these 6 share a bath.
  • We price according to the length of stay and the needs of the company.
  • Our space can accommodate Semi-trucks with turnaround space.
  • Helicopter landing and site storage for fuel and equipment are available.
  • Rooms are all non-smoking, outdoor smoking areas are available.

All crews have the use of the common areas that provide:

  • Places to relax (i.e. fire pit and tables to just enjoy the view and/or to gather to have safety meetings and the like)
  • Kitchen, refrigerated food storage, and use of the BBQ are included.
  • Laundry service is available for a reasonable price.

Call to get details to fit your needs and goals.